Jamie Miller Bringing The MOJO To Top Financial Advisor Firm

Sep 22, 2021

Art of Conscious Communication is excited to announce the opportunity of working with one of the Nations top financial advisor firms, Edward Jones.  Edward Jones, who was just recently named one of the TOP Fortune 100 Companies To Work For, will Host Jamie Miller on their Monthly MOJO training calls. 

One can't say the word "MOJO" without thinking of the infamous Austin Powers.  It seems fitting that Jamie Miller (being British himself) was chosen for the mission. 

When asked about the opportunity, Miller said he was looking forward to it. 

"It's all about asking great questions and helping clients get what they want.  A lot of people think that purchasing a home is the biggest emotional sale that there is.  What my clients are starting to realize is that a sound financial game plan could be just as emotional (if not more emotional) than buying a house.  We're talking about family legacy and planning for retirement.  That seems pretty important doesn't it? I'm here to help people ask better questions." 

When asked about his likeness to Austin Powers, Miller smiled and said, "I am a U.S. Citizen, I drive a big Ford pickup truck.  Not sure if that's Austin Powers style is it?  Yet, I do believe to have a bit of MOJO now don't I?"

Yeah, baby. 



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