Art of Conscious Communication Inks New Deal with Christy Duckett

Sep 13, 2021



What do you call a fast talkin' girl from the South teaming up with a cool Englishman? Fire and Ice!  

That's exactly what happened this week when Jamie Miller signed rockstar performance and accountability coach Christy Duckett.  One could even say that Jamie Miller is the one on "fire" lately.  His company, Art of Conscious Communication is growing at a rapid pace.  Collaborating with Christy Duckett is a sign that there's no slowing down.  

Duckett, a real estate investor from South Carolina is well know for coaching other entrepreneurs and real estate investors throughout the Country.  Her no none-sense approach to business coaching, combined with the chaotic life of being a mother and wife, has created quite a following with other "Mom-Preneurs". Miller sees this as an opportunity to help more people.  Especially amongst women. 

Miller had this to say, "Art of Conscious Communication isn't just about learning how to sell.  A greater understanding of how we can communicate can impact all aspects of life.  That includes communicating with our kids and spouses.  However, if I'm the one sharing this information, being a man, I'm afraid it wouldn't be taken as whole heartedly with other women.  Collaborating with Christy just makes sense.  I'm excited for the impact she's going to make.  She's perfect for the role." 

When asked about that "impact", Duckett didn't hold back.  

"Anytime I have the opportunity to make an impact I jump on it.  I've coached people all over the Country and what people need more than anything is someone to believe in them.  I know that with what Jamie is doing, the education that he provides, plus me being able to hold them accountable in a positive way, it's going to make an impact.  When it comes to our family, our spouses, we weren't meant to be like ships passing in the middle of the night.  Everyone in this world has a purpose.  This is bigger than just getting kids to eat their vegetables."

"I think Jamie is amazing yet what I really love about him is his integrity.  During our conversations of what working together would look like, that word (integrity) kept coming up over and over again.  We share a lot of the same values.  That's important to me."

To kick things off Miller and Duckett will be hosting a coaching and accountability group coined, Conscious Connect.  Art of Conscious Communication students will be given the opportunity to learn communication strategies from Jamie Miller mixed with coaching and accountability from Christy Duckett.  Members of the group will meet twice a month. 

When asked about the nickname "Fire and Ice" Duckett Smiled and said, "badass".