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Meet Jamie

The number of industries that can be helped is unlimited. If you're passionate about getting the best out of your self or team, Jamie Miller teaches the techniques that turn potential clients into paying clients. 

Jamie offers a range of services.  From nationwide corporate sales trainings, team sales trainings, to one-on-one performance coaching.

Would you like to get what you want in business, life, and at home?  If so, then Jamie Miller is someone you want in your corner. 


On Demand Online Course

Learn Jamie's top strategies for helping others get what they want in business and life.

  • Building rapport in 60 seconds or less
  • Learn the 2 MOST important words in sales
  • How to eliminate objections
  • Creating urgency within your client
  • Developing seamless calls to action
  • Devalue the "cost" of your services
  • Results driven networking
  • Questions that lead to "YES"
  • How to easily set appointments
  • Better engagement on social media
  • AND how to apply these strategies in every aspect of your life!
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Are you a high caliber client?

Programs designed for companies with a regional or national reach.  Should you be in need of:

  • Elevated Sales
  • Improved Interpersonnel Communication
  • Motivation
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Personal Development
  • Improve Customer Service

Reach out to Jamie today. 


Christy Duckett, RE Educator

Revive Homes LLC

"We asked Jamie to speak to our real estate investing club.  His time with us was fun, enlightening and left everyone feeling empowered."

Carlos Sanchez, Esq.

Sanchez & Brown, PA

"Jamie Miller does what he says he will do: he brings life to your business message. He is very thoughtful and I have found that spending even 20 minutes with him brings tremendous value to your business." 


Mike Jenkins, Owner

Bricktech IT

"The simple techniques he taught me drastically changed my way of communicating."


Looking for a custom game plan? 

This is for the individual entrepreneur that values coaching and understands that how they communicate has a direct effect on how much they can earn.

If you're passionate about getting the best out of your business, Jamie Miller teaches the techniques that turn potential clients into paying clients.



Want to add value to your team, event, or group?

Share with them the Art of Conscious Communication! 

  • Virtual Events
  • Live Events
  • Guest on your podcast
  • Custom Conscious Communication techniques for your team or audience
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Take Jamie home with you! Enroll in his online course and master the Art of Conscious Communication. 

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