Helping Real Estate Investors Communicate with Sellers, Contractors, and Lenders

Jan 17, 2022

Are you a real estate investor who's looking to make an impact in 2022?  If so, then you will not want to miss my webinar with Stacy Rossetti of REI-USA.  

REI -USA is the Nation's top resource for affordable real estate investing education and financial literacy.   Our words can help create our outcomes. In the world of real estate investing our ability to communicate could mean the difference between getting the deal or missing out to another investor.  Join me Tuesday, January 18th at 7PM EST as I join REI-USA founder and storage facility investor Stacy Rosetti on an exclusive webinar.  

This webinar is offered only to REI-USA members.  if you haven't joined yet then it's not to late.  Use this link for a FREE 30 Day pass!

I'll be sharing examples of how to talk to sellers, contractors, and private lenders.  I'll also be sharing what NOT to say (that almost everybody always says).  

Are you ready to be more conscious? 

See you on the webinar! Cheers!