"Jamie, are you a motivational speaker?"

Aug 06, 2023
A lot of people place me in the category of being a “motivational” speaker….and although I love to inspire people…I consider myself purely focused on teaching people to solely communicate more consciously to get what they want from life!
The way I look to provide “motivation” would be through giving someone clarity!
Motivation inspired in a more “cheerleading” kind of notion will give someone a temporary push….whereby clarity will give a person clear direction on where to go  and they’d be more inclined to persist!!
You’ll see from past posts that some people know my journey over the past four years and have been with me consistently during that time…some people may think it’s just simple luck and you maybe aware social media paints tons of different pictures for everyone…
Vulnerability and Authenticity are the true key ingredients!!!!!!!…the length of a post…the “ums”…the misspelling, the appearance of someone, the likes and comments and probably a ton more things are completely IRRELEVANT!!!!!
If I can give a solid bit of advice that hopefully resonates for everyone it would be this….
Give with “ABUNDANCE” in mind with ZERO expectations of getting anything back!! You’ll have some people be cynical whereby they won’t understand why you’re being helpful and don’t even understand the value of the information you’re sharing…yet, then there will be those that love what you share and they’ll always associate you as a good person! When you do that over a period of years you’ll find that the universe will find a way to give you more than you could ever have imagined!!
Whenever I found myself wandering in thought this past two days…how is this my life and how surreal speaking at the amazing venue I was at to the most wonderful people striving for their own aspirations….I kept going back to what’s almost become a mantra for me..”nothing happens by accident!”
If you feel like you’ve got the drive to succeed and you are focused on leaving everyone you interact with feeling better after meeting you…yet you feel like you’re lacking the clarity part in your communication of your message or the “how” part in terms of some clearer directions to attract the business that you want…
Would you see where it would be highly beneficial to have that clarity?
As Britney (an impressive young lady working at a recent event I attended kept saying to me and it stuck)
“I GOT YOU!!!” 😊😊