Real Estate Agents! Don't make this mistake!

Aug 08, 2021

The BIGGEST mistake I see Real Estate Agents Make!

Real Estate Agents tend to want my help.  Lots of them.  Like many professions, there's a bit of study and coursework involved for the proper licensing.  Where people run into problems is that SALES is not something that is taught in order to hold a real estate sales person license.  What's the difference between the new agent who makes it and the new agent who gets burnt out?  The answer is simple.  Those who do well are conscious about their communication.  They want to get better at sales. 

Here's one of the biggest mistakes I see real estate agents make...they don't anchor their clients emotion.  Remember this...People buy from emotion and justify their purchase with logic.  

I'll give you an example. I recently shadowed one of my real estate agent clients at an open house.  This lovely couple came in and right away fell in love with the kitchen.  

"Oh my gosh I just love this kitchen!", the wife said. 

Then, instead of basking in emotion of LOVE for the kitchen, the real estate agent said, "Well if you love this kitchen, follow me, you will love the master bedroom too".  It became very clear to me that this agent had been showing houses, NOT selling them.

Remember, people buy from emotion.  This buyer LOVED the kitchen.  By rushing the buyers off to see the rest of the house, the real estate agent missed an opportunity to build upon that emotion.  He could have said, "I agree with you, what do you love most about it?"  

After asking that question the buyer will build upon their emotion and TELL YOU EXACTLY WHY THEY LOVE IT.  Does it overlook the family room so they can cook and entertain at the same time?  Is it the double oven that would be perfect for Thanksgiving Day?  Is it the window that overlooks the back yard so that they can cook and keep an eye on their grandkids playing in the backyard? By rushing through what they told us they LOVED that agent missed an opportunity to build rapport, paint a picture that sells, or learn more about what their client wants.  They missed an opportunity to sell a house.  

If a person loves, likes, or feels...those are all emotions.  Let's build on that.  The price point, mortgage payment, commute to work...those are all logical boxes to check.  Let them fall in love and then have them back it up with the logistics.