Stop!!! You may be doing this without even knowing it!

Jul 28, 2021

If you're getting a lot of objections, then you may be talking too much. 

There's an old acronym used in sales called F.A.B.E.  It stands for Features, Advantages, Benefits, and Evidence.  A quick sales presentation using the F.A.B.E. strategy would commonly go something like this, "This product features X, which makes things run faster, so you can have more time, I'll show you and example or a testimonial from someone who feels the same way."  Then the sales person would rattle off all things that the product does and its benefits.  This person is TELLING NOT SELLING.  Have you experienced this type of sales person before? 

If you're like me, you can't stand when sales people talk too much.  Especially when it's about something you care nothing about!  Often times the rambling goes on and on until every single feature and benefit of their product has been named.  So here's some advice...

Focus on what's important to your customer.

The best way to find out what's important to your customer...ask them.  Whenever I sit down with a client I simply ask them this one question, "What's the benefit of working with a professional like me?"  Then I listen closely as the customer rattles off everything that's important to THEM (plus they are selling themselves on why to work with me). For the duration of our appointment I'm only talking about what they deem as important.

Remember, people buy off of emotion and justify their purchase with logic.  So as they share with me what's important to them, I'm always asking "Why"?  The person who is asking the questions controls the conversation.  What's also interesting is that the person who is answering the questions is enjoying the conversation more because the conversation is about THEM.  

We can still use the formula of F.A.B.E. but instead of making statements, let's ask questions.  What if instead of us rattling off the features, advantages, benefits and evidence....what if the customer did it for us? What if the customer "sold" themselves?

  • Features :  Tell me, why work with a professional like me? 
  • Advantages:  This is usually answered with the first question.
  • Benefits:  And that' would be extremely beneficial to you? Why?
  • Example:  Do you believe that I've done this more than a few times? 

Doesn't that seem a whole lot easier? 

Finding out what our customers want is Conscious Communication in its purest form.  Here's a challenge for you.  At your next sales appointment, start off the conversation by asking your customer what the advantages of working with you are (or a company like yours).  Focus on what's important to them.  Listen closely. Then let them do the heavy lifting.  They will thank you for it in the end.

Would you like a custom game plan? Understand, every industry, product, or circumstance has their own quirks. Do you want to be more conscious with your communication?