"What's the best advice for going after your goals?"

Jul 05, 2023
The word “proud” isn’t something I say a lot and the expression “I’m proud of myself” is rarely personally said in my life!!
Usually I reflect on how my dad would view what I’m doing in life and if he would have been proud of certain accomplishments..and the fact that today would have been his 70th birthday and I’m embarking on a month long trip to Dubai, Vietnam and Thailand based on the efforts of my past 4 years endeavoring in my own business has given me  a chance to reflect that this is one of those moments I think he would be proud.
Understand that “proud” is not connected with other words such as “gratitude.” If this post can be internalized for anyone that actually reads it, the idea is to give inspiration. Always attack your own mountains in life enjoying the journey regardless of the obstacles and do things that you want to do to achieve your goals….if the only way you get what you want is by doing things you don’t want to do and that’s the only way you know to go about it…realize you have to keep doing those things…just my limited opinion and I’m self confessed “naive” to believe that you can get everything you WANT in life without sacrificing enjoyment in your journey!!
People may see a glorious trip on social media in pictures…yet what people don’t see are the sleepless nights in May 2019, the conviction to not listen to those close that genuinely care yet are trying to give the best advice possible based on their knowledge and the reprogramming of aiming to absorb that true entrepreneur mindset! You’ll always see similarities in the habits, stories and experiences of entrepreneurs that achieve any element of what people may deem successful, yet one hope is everyone does it with their own flavor and bring their own miscellaneous ingredients!!! That’s so important to own in this world because for those that truly want to embrace “AUTHENTICITY” wouldn’t be going off a script.
In a nutshell here’s hopefully some stellar guidance for you whereby if you’re lost or unsure about your own journey….every bit of advice is simple and easy to implement 🙌🏼
BE a GIFT to people whereby they’re telling you that you are!!! Have people sharing they’re excited to have you do for them what they are seeking from life!!
Make your clients/customers/patients genuinely feel extra special. Put a unique emoji after their name in your phone and as soppy as that may sound, ask any of my “😊” people how they feel and you’ll understand “why” this little gesture can go a long way!!
People will only remember how you leave them feeling!!!
For my fellow entrepreneurs- Price is irrelevant and so are we…especially if we truly understand how to engage in meaningful conversations with others to be able to get what we want too and simultaneously being the most upstanding human possible!
You can get to any financial goal you have in life by only working with a handful to the smallest number of people!!! You don’t need to pay anything to market yourself and attract the right people!!! This post could get no comments and no likes and yet it can still get the PM that nobody gets to see…that’s a massive lesson for any of you that are trying to attract business through social media!!
Live life in true ABUNDANCE!!! Meaning share and give advice with NO expectations of the person in front of you valuing what you are giving….and just know the right people that understand and do value you will become a part of your life!!! You want to attract the strangers and when you speak to the universe your frequency will bring those people into your life!!!(These people will become your friends too…which is one of the most fulfilling blessings in life)
You can play the numbers game and work yourself to oblivion or you can go with quality over quantity and care about the caliber of the relationships you build with a small amount of people…go with the “golden goose” approach!
Nothing happens by accident!!!!
Evidently there’s more components such as edification whereby people sing your praises and that hits louder than anything you say!!!
Finally no post would be complete if I didn’t finish on the best note possible by including the most POWERFUL word on the planet and a question.😊.
That word is BELIEVE!!!!!!!!!!
Do YOU BELIEVE in yourself and can you get others to BELIEVE you can help them?
When you have this component and they value you…you can get ANYTHING you want!!!!
Has this post given you any clarity to go after your own goals in a way that aligns with your own convictions? If so then mission accomplished!! 🙌🏼