Do you believe that communication is important?

People keep asking for help.  When it comes to getting what we want, the words we use either help us or hurt us.  Most people are not conscious of the effects their words have on others.  What if we could harness that power?

How would you benefit by being better at communication?

Conscious Communication turns potential clients into paying clients.  Having awareness around our words helps eliminate objections, devalues the price of our services, and creates win-win outcomes. 

Do you like the idea of creating a predictable outcome with the people you meet?

Our words create our outcomes.  Funny jokes make us laugh.  Stories create emotion. But what words do we use in order to create a sale? Build a relationship? Or even create a better life at home? 

This is what I can teach you...

I've spent decades studying the psychology of sales and coached people from many different industries.  Once a person becomes Conscious (and has a game plan) of the words they use, that's when the "magic" happens.  I can help you learn techniques and strategies that I know can significantly impact a persons business/life.  Getting what you want can be simple.  One just has to be conscious on how to go about it. 

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  • Building rapport in 60 seconds or less
  • Learn the 2 MOST important words in sales
  • How to eliminate objections
  • Creating urgency within your client
  • Developing seamless calls to action
  • Devalue the "cost" of your services
  • Results driven networking
  • Questions that lead to "YES"
  • How to easily set appointments
  • Better engagement on social media
  • AND how to apply these strategies in every aspect of your life!

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Building Business

Building rapport in 60 seconds or less

Results driven networking

Questions that lead to YES

How to easily set appointments

Better engagement on social media

Sales & Negotiations

Creating urgency to sell clients

Subliminal NLP techniques

Creating seamless calls to action

Must know strategies to avoid objections

Learn the 2 MOST IMPORTANT words


Strategies for life outside work

Tips for getting what you want at home

Helping your children become the best

How to get complimentary upgrades

Finding the perfect partner

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  • Incredible knowledge
  • Easy to grasp
  • Simple to implement
  • Impactful for any industry
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Client Reviews...

Christy Duckett

Owner, Revive Homes LLC

"We asked Jamie to speak to our real estate investing club.  His time with us was fun, enlightening and left everyone feeling empowered."

Mike Jenkins

President, Briktech

“Before meeting Jamie Miller, I sold my IT services by explaining the features and benefits. The simple techniques he taught me drastically changed my way of communicating.  Since then, I deliver messages more clearly, am far more memorable, and close more sales than ever before.”

Carlos Sanchez, Esq.

Partner, Sanchez & Brown

"Jamie Miller does what he says he will do: he brings life to your business message. He is very thoughtful and I have found that spending even 20 minutes with him brings tremendous value to your business." 

Why Be Conscious?

The Mission is to leave every person feeling better off with regards to their consciousness in how they communicate to get what they want in life.

With over two decades worth of studying the psychology of how people respond to different strategies and techniques of communication, Jamie Miller founded Art of Conscious Communication. The great news is that he’s been able to pass this knowledge on to clients so they can implement these strategies to grow their own businesses.

What people are saying...


"Without a doubt the most practical sales demonstration of salesmanship I've seen in 52 years."

"I've been practicing regularly and consistently bringing in contracts for much more than I would have asked for."

"Jamie, forgive my latin but you are a  ****ing genius my friend.  You've changed my entire way of thinking. So far no one has slammed the phone down on me.  At the very least I've had good conversations with people.  It's made cold calling a bit enjoyable and fun again. I'm glad we met and so far it's the best money that I've spent on myself."

"Just got an email that they chose me over another agent.  It's a $995,000 listing.  Sorry to message you so late - Just excited had to tell you."

"I've been working with Jamie for a little over a year.  My investment in his coaching service has been one of the best investments I've made in MYSELF." 

"Jamie’s coaching helped me in my transition from leaving my full-time teacher position to growing my running coaching/ personal training business. Within 3-4 months of coaching with Jamie, I was able to match and exceed my teaching salary, while opening up the door to being able to help dozens of athletes with their running and fitness goals."

"Jamie is amazing! Has incredible insight into the art of communication. He showed me effective techniques to deal with clients in sales, and has helped me elevate my presentation through different questions we should be asking the clients as we begin to talk to them 😁 highly recommend him!"

"Jamie Miller is a great and dedicated teacher who really cares! He personalizes his teaching to help you become more successful and effective not only in your profession but also in communication in your personal life. Highly recommend!"

"If you're looking to increase your business, sales, following, relationships, bank account etc. you HAVE TO add this to your Growth Plan."

"If you’re looking to elevate not only your business but also yourself personally I strongly suggest that you reach out to Jaime. He has been worth every dime and MORE. Absolutely has been instrumental in helping me grow my business, and improve as a person."

Ask yourself these questions...


What's the VALUE of at least one more sale per month?


What's the VALUE of being able to gain one more $500,000 listing per month?


What's the VALUE of having a team that makes sales, reduces cancelations, and keeps your customers happy? 

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